Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am going to a birthday party!

oh my word....i am so excited.....i am sure pictures will be following this blog tomorrow....Addie is having her 4th birthday party tonite!!! it is a princess party...and all attending are to wear their princess/princely attire....of course i am in my sweatsuit...but hey, who cares what the grandmother wears, right? i do have my little cheap, juicy couture princess crown, knock-off around my neck, that should count for something right? i will be doing the little "craft" time with the kidlets...the boys are making key chains and the girls are making little princess bracelets! fun, huh?
i made a princess skirt for Ava at the request of her mother....i don't have a sewing machine so i did it all by hand, and i must say it turned out "royally, princessly" wonderful! even if i do say so myself!
i do have one problem....i look like i have been run over by a truck! i don't know what has happened, but yesterday i woke up with my eyes looking like red bubbles and they still look horrible...after doing detective work in my brain, trying to remember anything i have done different...i realized it is probably an allergic reaction to some eye cream i applied the last 2 days(excluding yesterday), i look bad! i will have to keep my sunglasses on til this goes away!.......that will be a kick!
well...i am off to the party....more to follow...oh yes...i forgot to mention that Addie fell in love with buffets...yes, i said BUFFETS.......while in Costa Ricxa they had a child's buffet and she seemed to think she was the manager of it...and did a splendid job at that....she gave tours and everything! so her parents decided she needed a buffet for her birthday party!....i really am not sure how that ties in with the princes and princesses....but i am sure it will be darling! so pictures to follow on that too!...........lata gata

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