Thursday, January 15, 2009

guess what they taught in 1892???

these two pictures are calendar parts from an 1892 calendar, advertising EMULSION!!!...whatever THAT is.....i think it might be cod liver HAVE to click on the calendar so it will enlarge and read it!!! what a hoot!!! i think i LIKE the teachings of 1892.......DO NOT BE THIN!!!!!.....HAVING FAT IS HEALTHY!!!, my, my, how times do change!!!!!!

this is one of MANY of the wonderful little "treasures" i reaped from cleaning out my mother-in-law's stashes!!! more to come as i have time!!!

btw...SCROFULA???? are you kidding me????....oh my goodness!!! has anyone on this earth EVER heard that term??? i have heard the term consumption...but NOT SCROFULA!!! it sounds like a naughty word if you ask me!

lookie!!! Scott's Emulsion is still in business!!!!! Holy Cow!.....does that mean we REALLY shouldn't be thin???????????


Anonymous said...

There's your proof!Forget the diet!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting article:

Also, about being thin/fat. We should be thinner, but we do need to have fat to achieve that (imho). Cut out sugar and bad carbs and fat, but keep in good fats, protein, and good carbs (fruit and veggies - whole grains). Take a look at the Schwarzbein Principle. Interesting.

Sandi Hixson said...

i know anonymous number one...but WHO are you anon # 2??? please tell me....