Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Good Afternoon , sweet bloggie friends!!! ......ok, here's the scoop!........NO ONE is a WINNER!!! but!

EVERYONE is a winner!!!!!

thank you for all the wonderful , beyond fantastical name ideas!......i loved each and every one! they really got my juices flowing and my mind working.....and tho i am sure i should have had my mind on more important things in life......i thought a LOT about this name thing! the course of that thinking process......i started feeling that the doll's name should reflect her blonde hair and pig of course Dutch names come to mind.....Scandinavian names come to mind......

then i looked up vintage names and came upon many that each of you had already suggested, plus more, of course....i stumbled upon really caught my eye....she was from a long ago book...can't remember which Little Women...or one of those series books from my childhood years......however....i got past that one, as more of YOURS came to me...... there definitely turned out to be like a top 3....but i dare not mention them because i truly loved all of your suggestions!!!


in the end...i really did not use any of the exact combinations you gave me......however, if i were to declare a would have to be my friend Lynn, the shy one, who submitted so many darling names, because i chose the first name from her list.....


here she is with her new name! don't jump to conclusions...that i am not keeping my word!!! even tho we all know this is just for fun....i did, after all, promise a PRIZE! keep reading!!!


first let me tell you why i chose this must pronouce and say it with a bit of a "whimsical" twist, perhaps somewhat like an Italian chef would put his/her two fingers to his lips and throw his hands in the air, saying something mmm-goodish in Italian...ya know what i mean, jelly bean??? have to make it "dance" off your tongue, got the picture? well, i hope so!.....cuz it does make a difference, REALLY! isaBELLA!....get it?

.i looked up the meaning of these words and loved the name further! here is what i found:

Clara means clear, bright, famous

Isabella means consecrated or devoted to God...however...

Bella on it's own means beautiful....

i just loved the whole combination...too bad this is not a real live child!!! (ha).......

so i came up with :

get it?

well, enuf of my whimsy for the is where YOU come in, those of you who gave me your wonderful name suggestions!!! i am going to send each of you a little gift from me, just cuz i want an exuse to do so!!! i need your addresses.....please email them to : watch your mailboxes!!!..please let me know when you get your gift....i will try to mail them out by next Tues., so don't forget to send me your addresses!...

and thank you for the fun you have allowed me, and hopefully you had fun as well!!!!


koopermom said...

Very clever! and cute - she DOES look like a Clara! Off to email you my address now! Thanks for the SURprize!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Clara Isabella is a cute name. Glad you were able to come up with one, too. It really was fun helping you to pick names.

I'm not going to email you for a prize; I like to stay anonymous online. So, just enjoy giving them to everyone else, and maybe share mine with someone who needs some encouragement right now.

You're such a DEAR!

Sandi Hixson said...

dear anonymous! you sure have me bewildered! i wish i knew who you were! sounds like you are not going to be disclosing that any time soon, huh?