Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah and Larry!

Yes, it is my husband's birthday today, as well as my daughter's birthday! You say, wow...that's cool, right? Well...yea, kind of anyway...except for WHY it happened that way! I found out today that Hannah did not even know this little tidbit of information....oh my goodness! a PRE-WARNING...please KNOW...what I did was STUPID, DANGEROUS, and very IGNORANT...nevertheless way back 28 years ago it seemed like a great idea to me...(remember we lived in a MUCH MORE UNINFORMED world than YOU live in today....NO exuse, however) 28 years ago and counting....i was MEGA pregnant...ready to give birth....with NO activity happening....and on the 12th...i got the BRIGHT??? idea that it would be SOOO nice to have our little baby born on Larry's birthday and they could forever share that day together....but how can i make that happen? on my own, that is....yes, PRAY...i did....and probably thought God gave me this idea...(now i know better).........we lived in a house with hardwood at some point on Saturday, the 12th i decided to stand on the chair...and "shake things up a little".......and YUP, you guessed it...JUMP OFF! i did that several times.....PLEASE KNOW i am not proud....anyway...after wearing myself out...i went on with the day (or evening)..whatever....but SURE ENUF! Sunday morning came and there were "rumblings" going on....and little Hannah Jane Hixson was born within the parameters of the 13th!!!! Of course...we did not have the privilege of knowing if the baby was a girl or a boy before the birth,...and because this child was SOOOO very active and WILD in the womb...we assumed "it" was a boy and during the whole pregnancy we called "him" "Wild Willy"..."his" name was going to be William Zimmerman Hixson...named after Larry's grandfather....i intended to call "him" Willy Z......honestly we were shocked to find out HE was a SHE!!!!....and as we got to know her as she grew we were more shocked because the child that was WILD in the womb was soooooo very quiet, shy, and reserved in real life...and she still is!!!!
I tried to download a picture of the two birthday kids, taken today...and because i am on Larry's work computer...for some reason cannot get access....whoa is me....but there is good me at least! we are getting a new computer, arriving this week, hopefully it will be set up and running by next weekend....whew! i can't wait!
oh, and by the way, several years later a William Zimmerman Hixson WAS born! Larry's brother's son assumed the prestigious name!!!.....i haven't tried "Willy Z" on him ....yet anyway!


Beth said...

Ah, now it all makes sense. I will bet that tiny little almost-born Hannah Jane was wildly excited to come out and play with her brother and sister...and then WHAM!-the whole world got shook up...again and again. She thought, "Wow, I had better be good when I am born or that might happen again." And that is the story (at least from my viewpoint).

I, for one, am glad she wasn't Willy Z...

I admit that when I was 7 months pregnant with Josh, I went rapelling off the cliffs at Ledges State Park. NOW who was the stupid one?!?

Julie said...

I didn't know about that story either, Sandi! Wow! That's amazing! I also didn't know that you were going to use the William Zimmerman name. We have called Will, Willy Z many fact, I think that is in his email address. After all these years it's great to learn these new tidbits. ha ha! Anyway, happy belated birthday to Larry and Hannah! I'm glad she wasn't Willy Z as well. ;-) So glad you are getting a new computer!! Woo Hoo!!! Now we can really expect great things from your blog!!! :-p

Love ya,

Mishelle said...

I am Sandi's younger sister, Mishelle, and let me tell you, I DID know that story and not only did I know that story but when I was 9 months pregnant with my little girl, I had had it with being pregnant. She was a soccer player from the get go and was kicking me so hard that I was completely bruised inside and couldn't even hardly sleep at night and sat upright all night long but still went to work every day. Well, I thought, Sandi jumped off a chair and went into labor, why not try that? So, yep, you guessed it, I crawled up onto my dining room chair and off I jumped - just one time... and then went about my normal business. Well, the next day at work I must tell you, I was so upset. I was having a little see I thought to myself this pregnancy has really taken a toll on me - so much so that now I am INCONTINENT! I can't stand it; I have lost control of my bladder forever! Well, at the close of the day and really feeling quite gross not to mention terribly upset, I told my co-workers about 'my little problem' and they told me you should call the doctor. I called the doctor and they told me to report to the hospital right away for a test. Off I went and sure enough, it was my water that had slowly started to leak. I was admitted and they had to guarantee delivery within 24hours to avoid infection. They ended up having to induce me the next morning. So, you see that brilliant idea of my older sister had quite an impact on me too!!! LOL! Thanks Sandi! :-)