Tuesday, April 1, 2008


oh it wasn't frosting after all! it's jelly beans!!! all GOOD jelly beans need a cradling princess to love them!
Ava decided her bowl of yellow frosting need to be accompanied by a princess costume (what DOES go on her little head?)..and is it just me, or is she cradling that frosting as if it were a baby, or a kitten???? and i think she is talking to it!....well...that's AVA for ya!

he is SERIOUS!

did we say decorating...well....a little "snackin" went on too...as well as a little FACE decorating!

see how Pap Pap made the LONG walk around the lake....the children changed occasionally!!!
cookie decorating at it's BEST

the HUNT is ON!!

Carter the STAR after his game with his adoring fans!!!

here i am....feeling defeated as a blogger...as usual....contemplating the destruction of the site as an all out attempt to do something that was never meant to be....but when i really start to destruct the whole project those inner "voices" tell me to keep going...SO WHAT if it is boring? SO WHAT if it isn't current? SO WHAT if I steal my pictures? SO WHAT if I only have 29 and counting people reading my profile? (of which there is NONE..lol).........SO WHAT if I have a computer that HATES me and won't obey or cooperate in any fashion whatsoever????

Wellllllll....i am going to continue on for now anyway! i actually enjoy the creativity of the written form...it is a release, of sorts, and i really need to do it more....and of course i cannot give up the bragging rights of posting the ever so darling and hilarious pictures of the loves of my life....the G-KIDS! if i had the TIME, they certainly produce enough "material" just being themselves for me to blog til the cows come home...unfortunately nothing else in my life will bow down to that kind of EXTREME BLOGGING!!

ok, so here is the "catch up" news in a flash....

on March 21 we first went to Carter's baseball game...and he was the STAR....(see Heidi's blog)....and I quite vocally let it be known to those around me, singing.....Carter's a star...Carter's a star...know the tune??? anyway...they lost, but hey, who cares...CARTER IS A STAR!!!...he must have made all of the few points they had??? right???

we then went to a park by the lake in Heidi's neighborhood (we, meaning, me , Larry, Judi, and Stan) and we hid the Easter eggs (that we had stuffed the previous night) along with a few other goodies and awaited the arrival of the EGG HUNTERS...alias...Hope, Addie, Carter, Ava...and they arrived and geared up with their buckets and egg hunting they did....pictures to prove it....THEN we went on a LONG....and i DO MEAN LONG hike around the lake....while it was beautiful, a perfect day, it was still LONG!!! We started off on the journey in search of the geese who were swimming on the lake....(Heidi was determined to get rid of that bag of stale bread)........but of course, just as the group reached a reasonable distance from the ducks...they swam away...which of course led to us going around the ENTIRE lake...the ducks never did get their bread....but we sure had a NICE, albeit LONG walk!.....i couldn't help think of my wonderful friends and family in COLD IOWA who would give anything for a snow-less, ice-less walk around a beautiful lake!!! :)

the activities continued...we then went to Heidi's house and she and Hannah had baked 100 sugar cookies the night before for our deorating pleasure...(also in the pics)....and boy did the kids love that...oh did i say KIDS????....how about the MEN???? how about ESPECIALLY PETER!!!....he took it VERY seriously....(also in the pics).....isn't it cute to see my preacher son get so "into" decorating a sugar cookie???? he does "everything" for the glory of God! Josh, Craig and Larry were close behind him doing SOMETHING to their cookies!!!

well, after the cookie decorating afternoon we went home...and got our food ready for Easter dinner...which for us was at Stan and Judi's beautiful home...(they are Craig's parents).....we had a wonderful Easter service at church, followed by a wonderful dinner....and then home to rest and think about a new day!!!

all these words describe my updating to explain the following pictures!

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