Thursday, December 18, 2008


Where do you think these pics are taken??

IOWA!!!.....that's right!!! i found this cool weather can type in the town and state and some, not all, have pictures people have posted from that town!!! and these are from my home town...Forest City, Iowa!!!....can you beleive it???

isn't it gorgeous? i don't even know these people........or at least i don't think i do.....but, how fun! you need to try it! here is the link:
(look in wunder photos and type in your info)
and the last one is for husband....i knew he would love it.........and yes, it is taken in Forest City, Iowa!!!


Debbie said...

I would like a little snow, not sure about that much. Those pictures are really pretty!

Deare Diary said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the prayers. I live in Mississippi, and don't get snow very often. I will try this out and see what pictures I can find.

"J" said...

Hi! I came over from

She posted about your snowman picture!!! I really like it and wanted some info!!


Anonymous said...

Now thats a REAL DEER!!!!!