Friday, December 26, 2008

meet Buster Jolly

i introduce you to my new grandog...Buster Jolly!!! he is so darling , i cannot TELL you!!!.....Hopie has waited so long to have a real live puppy of her own.......and she got one for Christmas!!! ...he has stolen all of our he not precious? he is a golden doodle....our family dog of long ago was a golden retriever, named Mollie.....we loved her like a family member...she died several years ago of heart disease.......i still think of her all the time and miss it is great to have another Mollie type dog in the fam......
i am anxious to get back to blog world......i trust all you bloggetts and bloggies had a wonderful Christmas!!!
i am also looking forward to getting my next giveaway done and posted!!!

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alliekat said...

How precious! I love Golden
Retrievers. We have two! We thought recently that we may be having puppies but it was only a scare! I was really glad because our female, Allie, is getting too old to have puppies. She has had two litters previously and they were so cute! I'm glad she got what she wanted for Christmas!