Tuesday, February 24, 2009

our "quickie" trip to Pennsylvania

here we are standing at the top of Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh!

the farm!

we made a fast, but wonderful trip to PA last week...our kids and g-kids were able to go, as well....we had a wonderful time visiting family there and visiting Grandma Hixson in the nursing home....both Grandma and Grandpap loved the g-kids (what's NOT to love?)......we did a LOT in just a few , short days...and were back in GA by the end of the week...i am still amazed we did it!

all the Hixson grand-kids and great grand-kids!four-wheeling was the B IG hit of the trip! Pittsburgh and Steeler-mania!

the incline up Mt. Washington!

this is how our dog, Simba made the trip! nice, huh??? what a spoiled BRAT

Lee and Julie...(Larry's brother and wife)...who put UP with all of us!...and btw...Julie is very funny....we are all still laughing about things she says!!!


Julie said...

What a joy to re-live those few precious days through your pictures! It was really fun wasn't it?! BTW whatever do you mean about the things I say????????? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey babe,
You're lookin pretty "Hot" in front of that beautiful city!!

Karen said...

Looks like a fun trip. What a nice trip with everyone plus Simba!!

Patricia said...

Somehow I thought y'all went to Philly. Looks like a nice trip!