Sunday, September 14, 2008

sleepover with Hopie

so here we are, on our way to church this morning with Hopie!!!! of course she felt "baby Pete" should make the trip too......and might i add here....because of the "fuss" over Peter having a Cabbage Patch when he was a child....this little "baby Pete' is even funnier...because on a trip to Cabbage Patch Land some time ago , i was with Peter and fam...and found this adorable little baby Cabbage Patch ....guess who bought it for me??? PETER!!! so Hope decided she would be the "mother", but baby Pete would stay at MY house!!! not only does Peter HAVE his OWN Cabbage Patch........he has a NAMESAKE Cabbage Patch!!! i am quite sure he will be delighted i decided to share this info with yall! :)
Hope spent the night Sat. night........she was SO excited to bring her Mary Poppins movie along for us to watch together!!! so that is what we did!!!!! she knows all the songs! it really was fun to watch such an old, yet timeless movie again!!! tell you the truth, i am NOT sure i have ever seen it in it's entirety!!!...surely i must HAVE! but i have no memory......altho some scenes looked familiar! of course i did know much of the music!
we later tucked Hope into her little bed in our room later that nite and put her to sleep to "Lassie Come Home"...a movie i had recorded! talk about an OLD movie!!!.....Elizabeth Taylor is a LITTLE girl in the movie!!! it is so good.........and i will confess....i cry!!!! when i was a young girl......Lassie, the tv show came on Sunday nights......always RIGHT before it was time to leave for the evening church i would be dressed, ready to go and watch that show with intensity.......and almost ALWAYS cried!!! i wanted a Lassie of my own!!! ...oh those were the days!


Hollie said...

We were just talking about that day we went to the Cabbage Patch place!!
She had such a fun time last night! I just love the fact that she likes Mary Poppins so much!
Oh, Addie has already hit Larry up this morning on when she gets to come over!
Love ya.

Pete Hixson said...

Ok mom - I love you and everything (I love you a LOT by the way!) - but seriously......I am already in jeopardy of turning in my man card because of this whole Cabbage Patch doll thing!

I did - however - hear in both services at VL Sunday about 2 other guys who had one - so my confidence is slowing gaining............until this!

And to think, I never even knew it was unusual for a boy to have one - until my BIG mouth got me in trouble - as you know has happened all my life!

I love you!

BethAnne said...

Sounds like a fun night with Hope....not sure what to say about you son having a Cabbage Patch doll ....... they do things differently in Georgia I guess....hahhahahhahahaha just kidding - I think its cute.