Wednesday, September 10, 2008

workin my fingers to the bone ya know i work at Michael's, right?....(old news) i have to do these projects once in a while, and honestly they are quite fun, except i am usually under pressure to finish in RECORD time.....which kind of squashes the fun part.......but still......i'd rather do my projects than shovel...well.......than shovel...just about anything you can think of.....or any other form of HARD is coming.......and remember when i told you i HATE HALLOWEEN??? well, i DO........always HAVE, always WILL!..........however...i LOVE ALL THINGS FALL! (with the exclusion of the H word).........but since my job has no respect for my particular hatred of H......i have to do what i am told! so i try to cute it up a i have been painting fake pumpkins, also carving them and adding whatever to them........i am finally DONE....that's here is the fruit of my labor!


Hannah said...

Mom, these are sooo very cute!!

alliekat said...

I am with you on the "H" word. I get alot of flack from friends because we do not "celebrate" Halloween.

I came to your blog from Bethanne's. She is my sister. I definitely do not blog as often as she does, but stop by and see my blog sometime.

It's great to meet you. I will actually be doing a blog over the next couple of weeks about Halloween.


Karen said...

Oh my goodness!! How darn cute are they! I don't like the icky, scary, dark things but you did a wonderful job.

Heidi Zawisza said...

Those are AWESOME!! I love them! If they let you keep any of it....DO!!

Patricia said...

Very Cool art!! i am also very pleased to know someone who, like me, dislikes this H madness!! I went to the grocery store yesterday and they have this Yo Crunch yogurt, I like the one with the Crunch topping but it was in an H motif so I had to buy the Oreo kind instead >:(