Friday, February 29, 2008

The GA Aquarium

Here are the "kidlets" at the Ga Aquarium last has taken me this long to get to my blogging....such is time for blogging, it seems....But last Saturday was a great FAMILY outing.....we enjoyed it immensely...along with the rest of the world's population, or so it seemed!!! Man, was it we had to "push" our way to the tanks....but well worth it! I definitely would like to go on a much quieter day, during the week! We ended the day with a dinner at Mary Mac's...a landmark and very old restaurant in downtown Atlanta...where the cookin is fine and southern all the way! Josh's Mom, Beth, and his GMA, Jo, were here visiting and were able to join us for the day as well. It was great to see them again! I will insert a few more pics for your viewing enjoyment!...of course...I steal all my pics from Heidi and if you read THEIR probably have already seen them! :)

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