Thursday, February 21, 2008

here's a sweet note

here is a little note that one of my mommies brought BACK into the store...after finding out that there was no class they went home and Emily made me the most darling little bookmark, along with this little note (she colored her signature for me).....her Mommy also had a copy of a letter she sent off to corporate offices....of which in part read:"I am writing to express my disappointment over the cancellation of the craft classes. My daughter and I have been attending these classes for several years. She is three now and just beginning to enjoy completing the projects on her own. We were very upset when we arrived for class today to find they had been cancelled without warning.
I am upset that Michael's does not value it's customers, especially it's youngest ones, anymore. I have become interested in many more crafts since attending the Mommy and Me class each week and have been making purchases each time I attend. I think that Michael's is making a huge mistake by sending the message that they do not care about education any longer....................We have been so pleased with the quality of the projects and great ideas that Ms. Sandi has shared with us during our class at your store in Canton, Georgia..........I am so upset that I will be making a longer trip to visit your competitors if the classes are not immediately re-instated......."
WOW....she even gave them her phone if you are going to legitimately protest, I say this is the ethical way to do it...and by the way, this lady and her daughter are very very sweet and very very shy and quiet.......I sure hope I get to continue to teach them!

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