Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm baaaack!

now this little lady represents all the darling children i teach in the Mommy and Me class...tho if you are a Mary Engelbreit fan, you will recognize her as one of Mary's creations...and it definitely is...just my rendition...Mary Englebreit is definitely an artistic inspiration to me and really epitomizes my love of color, brightness, laughter...and children.

Okay....i pretty much have to admit that i am going to be a boring, procrastinating blogger! i don't have enuf time, enuf energy, and enuf skill to be the greatest at this blogging thing....and i don't have a good computer that cooperates....i think those are pretty good reasons for "stinking" at blogging, don't you?

so today, on my day off, since i have a little spare time, tho i should be doing more constructive things...(sorry bloggers).........i will attempt to write something and show you i have chosen to share more of my drawings of my boss and boss! My two bosses! This one is of Crystal, the EVENTS COORDINATOR at our Michaels store here in Canton, Ga.....why, you say, do i draw an adult version of her, and a child version of myself???? welll....i don't know....perhaps the adult version of ME will be forthcoming.....Crystal is quite accomplished in her fact....i think this is quite outstanding....our in Canton...little ol NUMBER 6 in the NATION...yes, i said nation...for sales in our arts and crafts teaching department (...of which i am a member of, mind you).......Crystal is very innovative with programs including the Mommy and Me program she designed, and eventually hired me as one of the hats off to CRYSTAL!!! now the gentleman's picture is our store mangager...Jeff! he is the greatest, and a great and supportive boss!......he is from Pittsburgh and is a Steeler's fan! that makes Larry happy...and me too..yes, tho i don't really like many sports....i definitely will tell you i am a STEELER fan!!! yea...go black and gold!!!

well....there you have it, my update for now...

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