Friday, February 1, 2008

I got 2 comments!

okay...well Hannah has commented twice...thank you sweetie....and Hollie once...thank you doll! not too many people read my blog..and i know....these two are family they count? well YES! to me they do!......dare i expect more??? but i was just so excited to see 2 comments on Addie's party pics!!! me desperate!....i am!....i need encouragement on this blog thing! ha!

now i would like to insert a few pics, including Addie at her party introducing her BUFFET, as i had previously mentioned....and a few other pics you might find interesting...IF there is anyone out there even reading my stuff! :) is another pic of Peter...just wanted to make sure you see his tights....the next pic is of the 3 BFF's....McCauley on the left...calls me Nee Nee...she doesn't know my real name, I am sure, but that is OKAY! I love it!...the next pic is of Ava, contemplating over...i am not sure what...showing off her skirt! i need to find the BUFFET...


Beth said...

I just love your pictures! Both the "taken" ones and the "drawn" ones! You have such talent for capturing character in your pics. I have just been lurking with your family blogs (looking but not commenting), but I just had to let you know how much I love to see your blog.

I'll be in Atlanta 3 weeks from today, so I will see you then!

From your bathroom friend (now THAT ought to get people talking)!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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