Thursday, August 28, 2008

Addie going to pre-school

OKAY! i am finally finally getting up to date on my life with grandkids!.....except, guess what? TONITE Ava and Addie are having a slumber party with me!!!! Larry is out of town and it is just US GIRLS!! i wonder what will conspire tonite????

i have gotten them really really healthy food for dinner tonite........children's frozen dinners........uh huh.....that's right........and an adult version for me!.........and some "fun" snackin too.......what is a slumber party without snacks??? of course we will try our hand at several and asundry craft projects......that is a GIVEN at MY tuned for THAT story.........

but for are Addie's first day pre-school pics.. i kid you not, she is the funniest, most comedic child i have ever met.......she makes me laugh just to see her pictures! she is such a grown up, little girl!!!!


BethAnne said...

Hey Sandi!! I found your daughter in law through my friend Shelley Hendrix. My dad has worked at FBCW for years so I recognized a few people on her blog ;-). I am so glad you visited my blog --- I hope you will come back often and never hesitate to comment-----I just love those comments!!!

Kylee Barrow said...

Addie reminds me of my own daughter. She just loves pink as much as she loves preschool. Whenever I ask her how her day was, she always shares her stories with a genuine smile. It’s a very sweet sight! Anyway, it’s been years since you posted this. How’s this lovely lady doing now? :]